Food and Nutrition Security

The projects are what portays the challenges that Kulima faces in rural communities. The programs of Integrated Rural Development (IRD), with increased production and productivity and especially the awareness of the marketing aspect, with special attention to the Value Chain in rural areas and integrated growth of each community.

KULIMA, according to the methods generally recognized by technicians of rural development such as the KAP studies (knowledge , atittudes and practices), studies of Participatory Rural Diagnostics (DRP), the APRM diagnoses (Méthode de Recherche Participative accélérée) has programs considering the District as "Unit of Action" for IRD.

The selection of technicians is done locally to ensure the use of the technical knowledge, local language and traditions gained over the years.

The input of infrastructure, such as the community barn or the Community Service Center, managed by the peasants organization, are one of Kulima’s main focus. Being aware of the needs and to monitor development processes, leaving it a long-term operational infrastructure.

Another feature of our action is to ensure that farmers have the flow of goods, prior market study, joint agreements for marketing as well as support of agricultural inputs.



Official Partners: EU , MOA , CEPAGRI , MANI TESE , German Agro Action , and other international NGOs

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