Education and Health Community


Many children lack the basic needs such as food, clothing, school supplies, including incentive to practice leisure activities or entertainment. KULIMA offers workshops to activate them, offers meetings with children and their families and distributes kits of school supplies, including the construction of school infrastructure. The aim of these activities is to ensure that all children have access to education, promoting awareness to the community and teachers, on the basic issues of child protection (childrens rights and trafficking) and  domestic violence.

Community Health

Health programs should not be seen has particular problem. KULIMA’s experience is that to be effective, all awareness programs like HIV / AIDS, cholera, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases, should be inlcuded in the "Community Health Education" program.

In some programs, HIV/AIDS holds a specific chapter. For this reason, social workers responsible for these activities, focus on the different issues, through other subjects (such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, blood transfusions, drugs, traditional medicine, etc. .) .This arouses a lot of attention and acceptance in the communities, especially among women allowing them to fix problems affecting the whole family and not only the contingent situation.

KULIMA gained awareness on operating in integrated education, due to the direct impact it had on grassroots communities. They demanded that the delivered messages would be open to all problems in the family and the community in general.


Official Partners : MOH , MINEC , NAC , UNAIDS , Ambassador of France , and other International NGOs

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