Environment and Natural Resources

Improving the living conditions of populations is always the main priority of KULIMA, especially the Water and Sanitation programs. Manly done by an environmental management program that aim on the appropriate use of natural resources, along with a technical team specilized in this area, Training Manuals and promoting awareness in the communities.

Combating weathering, reforestation, water dams, rainwater collection, the value of biodiversity, soil conservation, the use of firewood and charcoal, the introduction of improved stoves in rural communities and peri-urban areas, the improved lavatories and their proper use, are all matters dealt with in different programs of community education.

Children who live in places where these projects are being implemented are the bridge between teachers and adults by getting the information at the school and then delivering them to their parents and therefore their community.

The environmental management committees are responsible for the preparation of business plans and environmental considerations while organizing community events, presentations or art exhibitions involving children and the population in general.

Particular attention is given to programs to promote the establishment of legality in environmental protection, especially due to high number of multinationals in the country, as well as being actively participating in the discussion related to environmental advocacy.

Official Partners: DNA , and international NGOs


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