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March Editorial 


To reduce the stress of running after public tenders! The most effective forms of marketing to be used in cooperation!  


KULIMA already has a long experience of programs in favor of the poor communities and can easily identify the most effective actions, aligned with the six pillars of the institution. 

This identification will present concrete and effective proposals, proposals that reflect the demand either from the Government or from the same donors, without there being a public tender announcement and they will certainly have a positive impact on the rural communities and whose response to it can be implemented in two different forms of preparation and intervention, ie: 


A) Proposals for consolidation of actions already carried with positive results in the communities in favor of them.

They are proposals that the communities welcomed and saw with their own eyes the positive results, such as the active participation of its members, the continuation of the program without external support, the progressive change from the state of poverty to a more appropriate economic and social state to the times, the retention of young people in rural life, etc.

Concrete Examples include: the construction multipurpose water collection, the use of appropriate inputs to increase productivity, rainwater harvesting with gutters, face-to-face education in the fight against AIDS, principles of conservation Agriculture, the construction of Dams, the introductions of nurseries for through the year, the realization of Savings and Credit groups, the consolidation of the constitution of women’s defense groups, among others. 


B) Concrete proposals based on the best practices implemented by KULIMA and from other humanitarian organizations, in response to specific requests from communities.

All the proposals are innovative, such as: The construction of dams throughout the territory,the recovery of them from the silting state, agricultural fairs, programs for the processing and conservation of agricultural products, self-improvement programs from improved seeds, the introduction program of biodegradable plastics, Center of training in Agriculture, Training Centers for Environmental Protection, implementation of the Patronage Law, construction of primary schools in places of difficult access and where the private sector refuses to cooperate, the construction of the Tele-Center to support production and marketing, among others. 



It’s time to demonstrate to the Government and the potential Donors the best practices, elaborating them in an updated way to the context in which the communities to be benefited live. We need, therefore, considering a certain capacity for fiscal elasticity, to elaborate proposals that convince and thrill the same donors, thus exceeding the routine of intervention, only because they need to show something to accomplish. How often actions are repeated without results! We are innovating and putting something in the cooperation market that convinces us! 



Kind Regards,

Domenico Liuzzi,

Kulima's National Director.

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