Editorial of May

The hypocrisy of the Governments of Countries with a weak economy in the face of the injustices practiced by totalitarian countries!”

What example of honesty and moral posture can young people learn from them?


Considering only the facts of recent times starting with the war in Ukraine, in the meeting of analysis and repudiation of the war held by the United Nations, more than thirty governments, mainly African, supported or were neutral before the unanimous condemnation against Russia, which occupied or intended to occupy Ukraine unjustly!

And Mozambique is one of them!

If I had a different and sincere stance in the fight against all injustices, I would have joined in demonstrating against this unfair attitude of Russia!

On the contrary, a slave of old friendship ducks and for not being excluded from the supply of cereals and fertilizers, she refrained from condemning and adhered with an insincere philosophy and one of interest to be neutral and to show interest for the problem of war always to be solved. solve it through dialogue… as if through dialogue you can talk to the Russian Government! He is killing thousands of civilians, he wants to dominate a land that is not theirs... and we have the audacity to invite everyone to dialogue.

In Mozambique, the dialogue between Frelimo and Renamo,, after how many years did it happen... and then the war resumed and dialogue resumed... But, how many years and how many internal and external pressures? The Government has forgotten this and pretends to forget.

Putin and the members of his Government, declared that they did not want to dialogue, declared that Ukraine is theirs and as such it must be totally destroyed and pass under their jurisdiction. Isn't that the worst injustice of our times! And we intend to be neutral, so as not to lose their baby food! And not paying war debts! I would like to see if one day, South Africa and Swaziland intend to occupy the south of Mozambique from Ponta d'Ouro to Save, Zimbabwe occupy the center of Mozambique and Malawi occupy the north of Mozambique... having the right to land to reach the ocean... Would we go by the rule of dialogue, waiting for them to occupy everything… and then return to the diaspora to restart the armed struggle against the new land grabbers?

On the other hand, it was the settlers who established the territorial limits and Portugal knew how to defend the unity of Mozambique. If we go back... we would have a mountain of kingdoms, like Swaziland, and with so many neighborhood fights. History determined the boundaries and now we are at Peace. The same in Ukraine… History separated its lands from Russia and it has the sacrosanct right to defend them and have the support of all of us.

But how much hypocrisy in all this! And the Government that should represent the wishes and trials of the Mozambican People! Where is he? It is neutral, even looking at the day-to-day deaths of thousands of innocent people and especially children. The Mozambican Government should clearly raise its voice against the injustices practiced... It should be like this... but how far we are from that!

And other facts that are happening in the world outside Mozambique. To name just a few:

- The attitude of the Government of South Africa, which allows training with Russians in its lands, which will host the conference of non-aligned countries.. and certainly PUTIN will be present… and does not declare anything…. Always with Mozambique's attitude of Neutrality.

- The last one... Lula's visit to CHINA... only on an economic basis... touching on the problem of Russia and Taiwan only in passing... without any clarity in his presentation. And he is a friend and sympathizer of ours… The economic and investment concern of the rich… is above the practices of justice and the voice that must be raised in the face of declared injustices!

Money and belly first. What a sadness!

Where did the propagated posture and ethics of rights go?


And the young Mozambicans, the intellectuals who follow the day-to-day events, the journalists, the pastors of churches, where are they?... Why don't they get involved? In universities there are more than 100,000 students… not even one tries to raise his voice! And they could be stronger than an entire army!

We need to cultivate ideas of justice and universal right!

We need to communicate this in all schools so that children can understand the values ​​of fairness!

And our NGO? What you can do?

I wish everyone that we can awaken and assume these values ​​in our consciences... and when we are called to manifest, we are ready for it!


Yours Sincerely, 

Dominic Liuzzi,

National Director of KULIMA.

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