April’s Editorial 2019

Cyclone IDAI – March 14th

A tragedy that hit only the poor of this country


·         Who suffered?

·         Who is suffering?

·         Who is totally helpless?

·         Who continues to cry for having lost everything in life?

·         Who doesn’t have the means to reactivate their activities?

·         Who is in the accommodation centers?

·         Who is in the queue for food and clothing?

·         Who fights against another for a piece of bread?

·         Who?


It’s only the poor!


·         People who lived precariously,

·         People who lived day-to-day life,

·         People living in substandard and unsafe housing,

·         People who new to make only children, thus enriching the Country with many children… the “Future of the Nation”…,

·         Illiterate and placed within the limits of Civil Society,

·         People without a cent in their pocket and so much less in the banks!


And after 20 days of the tragedy, they still in Accommodation Centers, fighting to survive!

It’s really a mystery! The tragedy lies against the Rich, who have good houses, a way to overcome the damages caused, but for the Poor, it falls on their head to even kill him or destroy him for a long time!


Why is it only now that the Word is moved by the TRAGEDY?

·      Where were the International and National aid before the Cyclone to assure a better life for these poor men? Always waiting for the TRAGEDY!!!

·      How many years ago an efficient drainage system was requested for Beira city? And only now an enormous amount of means to help!!!

·     How many requests have been rejected or considered luxury to assure the construction of schools and health posts more resilient to any cyclone?

·     How many proposals to accelerate the process of entrepreneurship to raise the economic capacity of these Poor men? Everything set side! Tomorrow, we will see!!!


The Tragedy was and it is enormous and we have to face it and fight to overcome this situation!

Ok and I agree… And we are fighting for it.

BUT, with clear ideas after this strong lesson, suffered in the flesh, to create fairer conditions in housing, supply and above all the economic growth of all, without putting aside the demands of the Poor always!


Kind Regards,

Domenico Liuzzi,


Kulima's National Director.

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