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Service to others and the collective interest

They must preserve our rights!

Case Study!

One of these days, as the Management of KULIMA, we proposed to a group of technicians an innovation, related to the remunerations to be given for the services rendered, being:

Implementation of two research programs, whose total funds would be shared for all technicians, in a homogeneous manner according to the responsibilities of each one.

The idea was accepted and there were people who said the idea was good! And, there was consent of all, without a minimum doubt!

In practice however, when they were called to concretely accept the proposal and sign documents .... The fact was not swallowed ...

What was going on?

Self-interest won over the community interest, the smile manifested during the meeting, was not true. Or rather it seemed true, until it did not infringe self-interest!


How many falsehoods in everyday life!

It seems to be in a cosmic bombardment, hit by falsehood in the street, in meetings, in communication programs, in short from all sides we receive altered news and find facts that, appealing as cloying would be the most delicate word!

The Politicians, the Greats of the Earth, the Decisors of the Lords of the Planet act, driven by reasons camouflaged with good intentions and behind so much self-interest, so much interest in the Party, so much interest in Power, despite the face of Angel, all dedicated to the People, the poor, those who need them, those who manifest a desire to grow.

They know how to use good words and simple people believe and vote and support their Programs. If we were able to discern the interior of them ... It would be terrible, like, to contemplate a beautiful body, but within a horrible cancer that will lead to death, sooner or later, depending on the conscience of the people who surround it.

Falsehood is even the cancer of our Society and can become such in our relationships if they are not honest and sincere.

All this hurts! And deeply!

In spite of everything, and even putting aside how much happened, we should always row countercurrent, like the fish hall that knew the flow of the rivers! Letting go with the current, with the attitudes of everyone around us, preoccupied only with our own interests, we will never be people, we will never assume a posture of which is so important to members of an Organization pursuing social ends!

KULIMA is not a Company and so much less is an Association in the terms we usually hear, based only on legal structures.

KULIMA was born out of a strong social need, in war situations and thousands of displaced people, where the time to dedicate was uninterrupted, where the wage guarantee and all the rights of so-called workers, despite being assured, were came second. The whole focus was on actions that generated immediate results and for the benefit of the populations that actually suffered.

This is the spirit that must keep us alive, which should motivate our presence in the Institution!

If we are told to enter and remain in KULIMA, only for reasons of employment, with all the rights that the figure implies, if we feel only as workers and without a social motivation, that accepts the dictated limits of the circumstances of our services, and more anything….


It is not the case to continue in the Institution! The coldness of this posture can destroy so many achievements, so many years of struggle and testimony of services to the poorest who have the right to grow in their rights of people!



 Kind Regards

Domenico Liuzzi

Kulima's National Director

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