April Editorial


KULIMA needs permanent technicians as opposed to specialized transient ones that once opportunity strikes, grab better job opportunities without considering the gradual growth of the organization!


Partners’ demands cannot collide with KULIMA’s philosophy!


What is happening in our Delegations?


I will start with an analysis in the Province of Zambézia.

The Delegation started over 20 years ago and since then has accomplished a series of programs in almost all of the Province’s territory. It launched and completed programs in Morrumbala and Mopeia, Luabo and Chinde, all the way to Nicoadala and Namacurra, until it covered Maganja da Costa, and Pebane. It also completed a program in Gurué, Mocuba, and Gilé… in addition to the capital city of Quelimane. To sum up, KULIMA dominated two-thirds of the Districts, launching Development and Social Promotion programs while engaging many technicians. What is left of them? Only a memory! All of them scattered and focusing in their lives, leaving the Delegate alone, without programs to execute, and without a team to revive the life of the Delegation!


This is absurd!The composition of a cohesive groupconstituted of people that worked together, and felt motivated to maintain the strength of their service, should be the primary concern of a Delegate. He or she should create a network of people that embody KULIMA’s objectives and want to keep alive these life ideals. At the same time, the group should maintain a permanent relationship with all of the technicians that work in the Districts, and continuously be in contact with them, so that like a family, they feel united with the Institution that at a certain period provided the strength to accomplish something that supported individuals in the most unprotected communities.


Besides that, the Delegates and their direct partners should continue to maintain a direct connection with the communities that benefited from the programs accomplished by KULIMA.

We should not operate like private Corporations. They launch a program, build new infrastructure, receive funding, and then… goodbye friendship and collaboration.


All of the communities supported by KULIMA should continue to feel connected to us, finding easy forms of contact like in the anniversaries of the construction site term or when we monitor the growth of what we previously sowed. Any project, big or small, has always been well received by the community … so how can we possibly forget the people that we worked with?


Another example could be Gaza and Inhambane. 

The Maputo team and the other Delegations had direct action with hundreds of farmworkers from 11 districts that adhered to the Program focused on the increase of Mandioca Production and Productivity.

We formed 28 program Extensionists and mobilized thousands of people to face to face.

Can we forget all of the relations and richness that we brought to the center of these communities? No, this not possible! Even though we concluded the program and the Donor left as the main actor, we should find ways of remaining connected with the communities. 

We saw that the primary necessities and improvements they need right now are related to production means. And we know how to do that, with or without the support of Donors. This is what we should do. 

We should maintain our presence among them while supporting the improvement of production means like machetes, digging hoes, buckets, seeds… doing it all through commerce… but always with a rotating presence and impact.


KULIMA was with them and should continue to be with them! 


To conclude, it is true that donors demand a lot of recruiting process, even without sight of operational efficiency. To them, it does not matter if after the Program is completed if they will stay with KULIMA. This requires that we conjugate this demand with the demand to understand, in the act of choosing, who will assume KULIMA’s cause and will want to remain with it after Program completion.

Pay a lot of attention to this!

In between two agronomist technicians with the same knowledge and eagerness to collaborate, I must understand which person embodies KULIMA’s way of living and wants to be an effective member of our Institution!

In between two social worker technicians with the same knowledge and eagerness to collaborate, I must understand which person is more sensitive to KULIMA’s livelihood and wants to be active in the Institution with or without a contract. 

When the program is over, always adhere to maintain a direct or indirection relationship with the Institution. 


I am not sure if I made myself clear!


But understand that my biggest concern is that each Delegation maintains and sustains a Movement of people interconnected through the same KULIMA objectives, which will guide them when analyzing situations where they will need to support the Communities and when searching for solutions for more concrete support!

Maintaining alive an interest in this, for any program that we will start, will be easier to reactive the engagement of the technicians without losing so much time reinitiating a finished program


Kind Regards,

Domenico Liuzzi,


Kulima's National Director.

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