January Editorial

38th Year of KULIMA! - Full Maturity Phase…towards 40 years of existence!

At the beginning of this year 2022, I would like to explore two key concepts that I consider very important for our Institution: Enthusiasm and Innovation!

What kills enthusiasm at work? The routine! And routine is you doing things as if you already knew how to do them. This is the first mistake of our lives: counting the days as if it were just one day after another. We forget that today is the first day of the rest of our lives, in fact, today is the only day of our life, yesterday will not come back, it has passed. And tomorrow is a day that never comes, every day has its tomorrow. Live today with enthusiasm, as if it were your last, as if you were starting today, so you will begin to savor life.

What atrophies the life of an Institution? The lack of Innovation as times go by! We must be up to date and in permanent evolutionary and innovative activity, successfully exploring new ideas. Come up with new ideas, implement them successfully and grow. That's what innovation is all about: transforming what already exists into something better and better.

Being an old-time NGO, the first NGO in the country (1984), when the Association Law did not yet exist (1992), leads us to understand that our long experience can become a weight of great responsibility, and can make us feel tired, looking for solutions to survive, but without manifestations of human, social and humanitarian growth!

None of that! With the new year we must take all our experience, all our baggage of successes and failures and orient ourselves towards a new life, full of enthusiasm and innovation, both institutional and operational with the Communities for which we work!

At the end of last year, the theme of REFORM and REFORMED appeared. We noticed that within the KULIMA leadership… they have been “reformed” for a long time… We had never thought of that! And…living the day-to-day and the challenges of humanitarian programs we grew up without considering that the years were adding up and in so many we reached the age of old age!

But this situation does not reduce our excellence as a humanitarian institution. On the contrary, it is something that gives us a guarantee of going forward and with stability! Whenever our “mature” staff have the capacity to renew themselves, to maintain the initial enthusiasm and to create ways to innovate not only in digitalized instruments, but in effective development ideas!

The world we live in is always more competitive…

Years ago there were programs for everyone and requests for services came from the outside to the inside, Ministries asked for services, international Donors were looking for servants of humanitarian programs. In the case of KULIMA, we have managed Emergency programs since the year 2000 and coordinated other International and National NGOs.

Today everything is competitive, it is a race to develop valid proposals in the eyes of “specialized” consultants and the accumulated experience of carrying out humanitarian programs only partially counts.

Innovation is something that increasingly demands a level of originality. Coming up with new ideas every day is not enough. The big difference is precisely to bring successful ideas that are accepted by the Donors and the Government and that guarantees the gain in the competition!

Therefore, the elaboration of our proposals and the relative implementation must take into account some fundamental aspects for their credibility!

A. The proposal must be effective and must bear fruit

B. The proposal must be sustainable and must guarantee long-lasting results

C. The proposal must guarantee its replicability within communities.

But for that, we need an organizational innovation: Each Delegation, and the National Headquarters must review their staff and maintain a strong, efficient and effective technical team, with experience and credibility, always available to gather opportunities to prepare proposals to better serve the community in need… and always open to detect weaknesses, to be overcome.

Quoting a training page:

“Organizational innovation focuses on a few basic principles:

• unlocking creative potential, allowing everyone to have their say and contribute ideas;

• generate value and quality in processes to strengthen bonds of commitment and identity with your team;

• create and share information, teaching your team to know. This helps open up the field of ideas that can benefit you.”


Summing up!


Far be it from each of us to be apathetic and let it go!

Far be it from us to accumulate tasks and take to tomorrow what can be done today!

Far be it from us to create problems to be faced alone!

The right way is to work together!

Never be invaded by Apathy and weaknesses!

Victory is something we must always keep in mind!

Let's be interactive! And together we can win!

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I ask the readers of this Editorial to add other significant sayings!




Kind Regards,

Domenico Liuzzi,


Kulima's National Director.

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